about me


My name is Manon aka GUILTY. I am a 32 year-old artist, born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland.

As you probably noticed so far, I am obsessed with a particular topic: breasts, boobies, titties! To me, this part of the female body is full of meanings. Adored as much as utterly censored. Contradictory yet so powerful. Inspired by true, actual bodies, my watercolor illustrations are here to make YOU feel good, pretty, sexy. Because that is what you are, always.


  • August 2018ART BLANQUETTE (Barcelona) : exhibition gathering several artists and artistic perfomances.


  • September 2018 – YEOJA MAGAZINE (Berlin) : Article illustrations on sexual harassment and women’s bodies
  • November 2018 – BOUM BOUM GANG (France) : Prints for sale for the launch of the concept-store BOUM BOUM GANG
  • April 2019 – TITS’N T-SHIRTS (Milan) : Project uniting artists and models all around the world. Each illustration is titty related, printed out on a tee and photographed by the talented Virginija Vaiciulyte. Have a look at my illustration here.
  • June 2019 – LEMONADE DOLLS (London) : Creation of four illustrations for the whole month of June for this english underwear brand and their “Titty Tuesday” Instagram idea.



You Glow Girls Club is an artistic project born out of the collaboration between Quentin (aka akwrd.slnce) and myself whose goal is to denounce the oh-so-known taboo about female breasts. Mixing both our arts, namely photography and illustration, we both feel deeply connected to this topic, whether it is related to the photographic censorship necessary to fit in the “politically correct” or simply for the strong wish to bring this problematic issue to light. Female breasts are hyper-sexualized as well as full of positive messages.

You Glow Girls Club is the way imagined to express this inequality and popular beliefs through art.