Frequently Asked Questions


Why Guilty?

GUILTY quickly came into my mind. It is a word I find quite subtly-shaded. Guilty can be said with a heavy tone and be associated to something negative in a serious situation, as well as it can be related to something more mischievous and then have a form of lightness. Subtly-shaded, just like breasts, adored and worshiped as much as utterly censored. Contradictory yet so powerful. GUILTY, is also to play with the irony of the situation. YES, I PLEAD GUILTY, I draw boobies, they come to life in all sorts of shapes and sizes, I show mine, I claim this form of body and self-expression freedom, AND SO WHAT?! It is a statement. Kind of like flipping the finger to the “politically correct”.

Communicating in English, and therefore have an English alias also was a conscious choice. My mother tongue is French, but ideas naturally happen in English. Words and sentences at the beginning, then a way to illustrate them. We’re not gonna lie either, to work and communicate in English is the best way for most people to understand.

Finally, Guilty is a word I find cute. It might sound silly but it counts.


Why boobies? How did it start?

I met Quentin in 2017. He is starting analog photography at the time and I quickly fell for it. I shyly but surely pose for him, partially or completely naked. A real therapy. I repost a photo he took of my breasts on social media. And this is when it all started. I get quite a lot of feedbacks, whether good or bad. The idea starts to bloom in my head. Breasts. Breasts. Breasts. It appeals me. This controversial part of the woman anatomy is powerful and full of meaning. I buy myself a watercolor palette, a little bit of drawing paper, brushes and I start scribbling. Breasts, obviously. There then follows an infinite flow of ideas on that specific topic, jokes I’m sometimes the only one to laugh at and above all, a thriving love for illustration and watercolor. As if I had suddenly found the key that opens that little imaginary drawer, that little drawer which contains all of these little things that make you feel good and complete.


Do you do custom commissions?

Yes! I would love to discuss with you if you have any specific request. Drop me a line by e-mail:


I am a magazine, shop, business and I am interested in a collaboration, commissioned work. Yay or nay?

Yay! Definitely yay!
I would love to hear from you and discuss more.
Simply write me an e-mail: